Life & Science

Welcome to Tribeca London

Tribeca London blends cutting-edge science with sophisticated city living. Under the lab coat, a life in colour.


Cross the canal via the new bridge into Tribeca and witness science come to life.

This landmark waterside quarter and life sciences hub, at the heart of the biotech cluster, boasts one million square feet of state-of-the-art life sciences laboratories, offices, and apartments. Discover the boutiques, bars, and restaurants that line leafy streets and squares. At Tribeca London, it’s easy breathing life into great ideas.

LBIC join The Apex at Tribeca

“This expansion demonstrates our commitment to addressing the continuing need for high quality grow-on space for innovative young bioscience companies in London. The LBIC team, supported by the RVC, has been at the forefront of providing best-in-class facilities at the heart of the capital for over two decades now and our partnership with Reef will be key to the next exciting phase of our growth.”

Rich Ferrie


Tribeca is where you can relax, meet with friends, work, socialise and celebrate, all adjacent to uninterrupted views of Regent’s Canal and beyond.

A new pedestrian footbridge, enhancing connections between King’s Cross and Camden Town will drive a new footfall to, and through, Tribeca.
Ground floor uses will be varied and diverse, principally flourishing with restaurants, cafés and bars to create a vibrancy around the clock, throughout all seasons.

Just a short walk along Regent’s Canal from Tribeca will find you in Camden Town

An area bustling with life and activity. Often considered the ‘creative heart’ of London, Camden is awash of vibrant offers, from it’s fashion scene, to it’s many eccentric pub and bar offerings, there really is something for all here.
Public Realm
Centring around Tribeca Square, the public realm will cater for all walks of life, with generous space surrounded in beautifully designed landscaping.

The area subtly guides you to the waterfront, which will include a new connection across the canal towards Coal Drops Yard and beyond.
Cafes and Restaurants
Tribeca will connect people to the best of what London's hospitality sector has to offer.

With exciting eateries, bars and amazing cafes. A place to meet, enjoy and explore, with something new to discover every time. It’s a place where the unexpected lies around every corner all in view of the picturesque Regents canal.