A neighbourhood at the intersection of life and science.

Next door to Camden Town and the West End, The Knowledge Quarter in King’s Cross fizzes with vibrant café culture and world-beating talent and innovation. Here the Alan Turing Institute, Francis Crick Institute, GSK, Merck, Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL and the London BioScience Innovation Centre attract an unrivalled talent pool of 1,500 experts across all biomedical science disciplines, in a cross-pollinatory ecosystem of excellence and inspiration. Moments from King’s Cross Station, Tribeca London will also exchange talent and ideas with the Cambridge technology cluster. Meanwhile St. Pancras International connects London to Europe’s other innovation hubs.

The Knowledge Quarter
Key Heading
  • Gatwick — 43mins
  • Heathrow — 27mins
  • Stansted — 1hr 3mins
  • Oxford— 52mins
  • Cambridge — 53mins
  • Birmingham (HS2) — 54mins
  • Manchester (HS2) — 1hrs 7mins
  • Liverpool (HS2) — 1hrs 34mins
  • Edinburgh — 4hrs 33mins
  • Brussels — 1hr 50mins
  • Paris — 2hrs 15mins
  • Amsterdam — 3hrs 55mins


Connected by Air Travel
Easy connection via any of the London's airports links straight to any of the key America life science hubs based in Boston, san Fransisco and San Diego.
Connected by Rail Travel
A short 15minute walk from Tribeca to St Pancras links straight into some Europe's biggest cities within hours via the Eurostar.
Connected to the Golden Triangle and Beyond
Made up of Oxford, Cambridge and London, these cities mark the central cluster of the UK’s 'knowledge' sector.

These cities are leaders in education, innovation, technology and life sciences, both in the UK and on the global stage. Stevenage is perfectly placed at the centre of these three points, enabling a cosmopolitan 'Knowledge' community to thrive.
Key Header
  • Tribeca—London
  • Camden High Street
  • Royal Veterinary College
  • London Bioscience Innovation Centre
  • Moorfields / St Pancras Hospital
  • Meta
  • DeepMind
  • Google
  • King's Cross Station
  • Merck
  • St Pancras Station
  • British Library
  • The Alan Turing Institute
  • UCL
  • Euston Station

The Knowledge Quarter

A focal-point of innovation powering the future of the UK economy
At the heart of thousands of commercial innovators and academics in bioscience and advanced technology collaborate and compete. All within a seven-minute walk of Tribeca London are Merck, GSK, Facebook, Google, the Francis Crick and Alan Turing Institutes, UCL, the London BioScience Innovation Centre and the British Library.
An Unrivalled Talent Pool
Over 1,500 world-leading scientists, engineers and experts across all biomedical science disciplines.
A Network of Spaces
Over 50 life sciences, biotech and diagnostic companies, including two of the world’s top 12 universities in these fields.
A Hub for Innovation
A talent pool across specialisms in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning.

Kings Cross

Picturesque waterfront piazzas, atmospheric dining terraces and virtually traffic-free streets.
This unique part of central London places world-class architecture, foodie culture and boutique retail in a leafy waterside landscape. Capital city buzz and brilliance blend with relaxing natural scenery to make the perfect backdrop to the life scientific. Welcome to King's Cross, where innovation and celebration mix in equal measures.
Francis Crick Institute
World leading research institute, comprising more than 2,000 academics.

Improving treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease.
Granary Square
Public square at the heart of Kings Cross.

Full programme of events, markets and concerts.
Alan Turing Institute
The UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, headquartered in Kings Cross.

Partnership between leading universities, research councils and national government.
Kings Cross
Abundance of shops, bar, restaurants and public spaces.

Coal Drops Yard provides a rich blend of independent stores and unique brands.
Regent's Canal
A unique oasis of calm sitting adjacent to Tribeca, full of wildlife and character.

Offering a vibrant and diverse mix of culture, shopping and eateries.
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