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Written By
Cecilia Lindström
Written By
Cecilia Lindström

One of the guiding missions of the Tribeca development is to deliver impactful and lasting benefits to local communities. This extends beyond what is achievable on the site itself, to include targeted actions aimed at enhancing the lives of people in Camden and London.

To ensure a strategy that reflects local needs, we need to make people part of the journey. A comprehensive stakeholder and community engagement programme was therefore initiated at the early stages of the design and planning process to give everyone a genuine seat at the table. The consultation and feedback sessions have allowed the Tribeca team to build a deep understanding of local needs and perspectives, and in response tailor a strategy that will promote social value considerations during all phases of the development, from demolition to construction and lived-in place.

With phase 1 – The Apex – nearing completion, and phase 2 demolition underway, a lot has already been accomplished. But this is just the beginning, and a detailed action plan is now being developed for the long-term, which will include the provision of a 2,000 sqft Charity Space and 30,000 sqft of affordable lab workspace.

Since work started on the site, the Tribeca development has contributed towards:

Education and skills development

Education and skills will empower people for a lifetime. Through work placements and engagement, the ambition is to support young people that are aspiring towards a career in the built environment sector. Direct links with local schools has unlocked work experience opportunities for 15-16 year olds and 16+ year old students from across London, including a Women in Construction work placement. This autumn, the Tribeca team will deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) sessions to students at Islington City College as well as career sessions to Regent’s High School and UCL Academy. Moreover, site visits have provided insights into job roles onsite, the construction working process, and mitigation measures during demolition.

The past two years, The Apex has hosted the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Bright Future Student Challenge, which is an annual event that brings together students from built environment courses across London and the South regions to compete for prizes and a work placement opportunity. The event gives young people an opportunity to meet like-minded students and professionals and to learn about construction projects and practices.

Job creation and apprenticeships

14 apprentices have been employed on the construction site since work commenced in June 2021, and six of them were from the local area. These apprenticeships offer the chance to gain valuable trade skills, such as electrical installation, plumbing, carpentry and joinery, which increases the earning potential and life chances for young people who may not have access to expensive and lengthy university degrees.

Long-term employment has also been secured for nine Camden residents.

Financial support

A number of measures have been put in place to address the cost of living crisis and support people who may find themselves in tough situations. To support workers, Tribeca has installed a food bank on site and donations have been made to support local homeless and hospice charities. Tribeca has also funded a road safety programme for Camden schools and the upgrade of a local community space.

Local economies

With a commitment to working with local suppliers and materials, Tribeca will continue to support local businesses as well as small and medium enterprises across the UK.

More impactful benefits will be delivered during the next phases of the Tribeca development, and over the coming months a long-term social value strategy that includes a range of initiatives will be developed and shared with the community. Stay tuned to learn more about that in the near future.