Lab boom! Tribeca featured in the Architects’ Journal

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Written By
Cecilia Lindström
Written By
Cecilia Lindström

Tribeca has been featured in the Architects' Journal as one of the capital’s high-value life science developments that is set to shape the future of the sector; urban, fun and inclusive, it is representative of a new era.

The burgeoning UK life science market has entered a golden age. A £94 billion-a-year industry, it is predicted to remain steady or even grow in the coming years. With increased venture capital and investment going into new technologies, the demand for research laboratories are by far exceeding supply.

To address the need for more space, the value of new life science projects skyrocketed last year to a total of £966 million, cementing the UK as a science and research powerhouse. Development centres on a handful of key location, one being King’s Cross.

Jason Russell, head of design at Reef Group, said to the AJ that Tribeca is intended as a "home for life". Spaces range from 185m² to 13,900m² and the scheme’s inherent flexibility allows occupants to ‘grow on in the building’ as their businesses evolve and expand.

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